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An ideal companion for everyday strolls or family outings, this toddler tricycle is tailored to suit every stage of your child's growth. Purposefully designed to nurture motor skills, instill confidence, and enhance balance, it empowers your little one with a sense of independence. Made from top-quality materials, this tricycle is not only a smart purchase but also a reliable investment in your child's developmental journey, providing both durability and enriching experiences.

Features :

  • Multi-Age Suitability:

Adaptable for various ages, this tricycle is designed to accommodate the evolving needs and preferences of your child.

  • Controlled Steering with Push Handle:

Featuring a push handle for directional control, it ensures safe steering and provides parents with the ability to guide the tricycle.

  • Spacious Canopy:

Equipped with a large canopy, this tricycle offers ample shade and protection for your child during outdoor adventures.

  • Adjustable Parent Handle Height:

Tailor the tricycle to your comfort with an adjustable parent handle height, allowing a customized pushing experience.

  • Comfortable Seat and Grip:

Designed for comfort, the tricycle features a cozy seat and ergonomic grips for both the parent and child.

  • Smooth Riding Experience:

Ensure a smooth ride for your child with a well-designed tricycle that prioritizes a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  • High-Quality and Safe Materials:

Crafted from high-quality PP materials, the tricycle prioritizes safety, ensuring a reliable and secure mode of transportation for your child.

  • Colorful Lights and Music:

Enhance the fun factor with colorful lights and music, adding an entertaining element to your child's tricycle adventures.

  • Non-Slip Foot Pedals:

The tricycle includes non-slip foot pedals, promoting stability and safety during rides.

  • Comfortable Grip:

Featuring a comfortable grip, the tricycle ensures a secure hold for both parent and child, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Suitable for age 2-6years old

Material: High quality PP+ high carbon steel

Weight : 6 kg

Dimensions - L 70 x W 40 x 78 H cm

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Baby Tricycle with Canopy and Push Handle

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