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  • The microwave sterilizer is made of imported PP Material, which is characterized by its exquisite facade and rational structure which is able to hold three large-caliber feeding bottles with their accessories as well as other items requiring sterilization.
  • Direction:
    • Wash and clean the feeding bottles and their accessories that requires sterilization
    • Pour 200ml of water into the disinfection box.
    • Put the clean feeding bottles into the disinfected box, and then put all the other accessories requiring sterilization into the disinfected box.
    • Adjust the sterilization time according to different microwave ovens power.
  • Sterilize time:
    • *4 minutes for 1000-1100w oven
    • *5 minutes for 850-1100w oven
    • *5 minutes for 800-950w oven
    • *8 minutes for 500-8000w oven
    • *7 minutes for 500-750w oven
  • After the sterilization process, leave the box there for a period of time until the temperature inside of the box has dropped sufficiently low, pull the plug at the back of the box, pour out the water,  take out the feeding bottles and accessories, and then dry the disinfection box in the air for further use.

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Microwave Bottle Sterilizer

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